Case Study: Underpinning the competence of 175 professions

Underpinning the competence of 175 professions

In Italy, a combination of economic crisis and the digital age has resulted in three million non-regulated professionals. In 2013, in order to regulate various professions, the Law no. 4 “Dispositions for non-organized professions” was published.

Since then, masseurs, naturopaths and kinesiologists, graphic designers, advertisers, safety managers in the workplace, experts in taxation law, translators, real estate appraisers, wedding planners, e-reputation managers and digital copywriters can demonstrate their qualification through: a self-assessment declaration, certification of the reference associations and certification of third party certification bodies accredited by Accredia (Italian National Accreditation Body), provided that it’s issued in compliance with UNI (Italian Standardization Body) technical standards. The accredited certification demonstrates that the assessment of the requirements is carried out following the principles of impartiality and independence by a third party body and not on the basis of a self-declaration.

The legislation enables these professionals to demonstrate their know-how, competence, and the quality and safety of services provided. To date there are 46 certification bodies accredited by Accredia and over 200,000 accredited professionals. There are 175 professions for which it is possible to request an accredited certification.

Further information is available on the IAF website.